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Do you know the value of your Firearm or Firearm collection if there was a fire, theft, flood or other disasters?

If you wanted to insure your collection, sell it at auction, or sell to someone else, do you know what your antique or modern pistol, revolver, or long gun is worth in today's market?   Today’s market fluctuates sometimes on a daily basis due to the current climate of the Firearm itself.

There are numerous reasons why you may need a Written Certified Appraisal of your collection. Some of the most common reasons are:

•Resale or Auction


•Divorce Settlements              

•Estate Planning

•Gift or Charity


How it works:  

We will set up a time convenient for you, come to your home, photograph each item extensively, and then research your Firearm from my office.  Written Certified Appraisals can take anywhere from 1 hour per item to several days depending upon the individual weapon or collection being appraised.  Once we see the Firearm or collection we will be in a better position to narrow down the timeframe of completion.

Once the appraisal is complete I will set up a final meeting with you and go over each appraisal sheet and answer any question you may have.   

Our services are available 7 days a week with varying hours of operation.  

Appraisal Rates:

The minimum fee is $125.00 which includes up to three Firearms and a $25 fee for each thereafter. Large collection  discounts of 50 Firearms or more are available and discussed on a case by case basis. All Written Appraisals  and inquiries are Confidential.

Additional Services:

Military Memorabilia/Collectibles:  Uniforms, Helmets, Daggers, Medals and other collectibles associated with US Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War and the Vietnam War as well as recent and current conflict and wars.

If you need or want to sell your Firearm or Firearms Collection we can assist you with that was well.

After we appraise each firearm and determine the value. We will discuss with you the best course of action and assist you with legally transferring the firearm releasing you from any liability for the highest possible price.   The fee for this service is 15% of the appraised value of the firearm or firearms collection. The storing of Firearms collections is also available if desired. The price is determined on the size of the collection as well as the approximate length of storage. 


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